It was announced on March 28, 1941 that a new business known as Seger Funeral Home would be opened in Atkinson by Leo F. Seger in the A.T. Hart building. A formal opening and tours were given on June 21 & 22, 1941.

At the time Leo F. Seger owned the funeral home in Broken Bow, NE.  He desired to relocate back to his hometown after the death of E.J. Kilmurry a former Atkinson funeral director.  He is the first generation funeral director in the Seger family and the father of Paul F. Seger, the grandfather of Leo P. Seger, and the great grandfather of Paul A. Seger all currently licensed funeral directors.

Seger Funeral Home remained in this location until Leo F. Seger started construction of a new building in 1956. Pictured are some photos of the construction and finished pictures of this new more modern facility which remains the home of Seger Funeral Home to this day.

In March of 1961 Paul F. Seger became the 2nd generation licensed funeral director in the Seger family business. He became owner of the funeral home after his father's death on July 2, 1962.  Paul continued to own and operate the funeral home over the next 42 years.




Leo P. Seger, the son of Paul F. Seger  was licensed as a funeral director in 1985, making Leo the 3rd generation in the Seger family to enter the business.  Leo purchased the funeral home in 2004 from his father and continues to own and operate it to this day.  A 4th generation, Leo's son Paul A. Seger, became a licensed funeral director in 2010 and currently owns and manages Lincoln Family Funeral Care and Lincoln Colonial Chapel both in Lincoln, NE.

Seger Funeral Home is proud of it's 3 licensed embalmers:  Leo P. Seger (Owner), Paul F. Seger, and Darrel D. Leisy (manager), as well as dedicated staff member Patricia J. Skrdla (secretary).

Our dedication to the families of Atkinson, Stuart, Chambers, Amelia and surrounding communities is what makes Seger Funeral Home stand above all other funeral homes in the area.  We strive to be the most modern facility offering the widest variety of services for all of the families and communities we serve.